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Fuel Tanks

TITAN Fuel tanks are made of high-density, military grade, cross-linked polyethylene, which is a space-age material constructed to perform in any weather – extreme hot and cold temperatures alike. With its seamless, one piece design, the TITAN Fuel tank is one tough tank and is approved for use in all 50 states.

The term “cross-linked” means that the molecular chains that make up the polymer are chemically bonded together to form a continuous, three-dimensional structure. In other words, the TITAN Fuel tank’s innovative cross-linked structure makes it as much as 5 times stronger than weaker linear-polyethylene stock tanks. In fact, it is one of the reasons why the US Department of Defense utilizes the very same processes, materials and expertise for fuel storage in many of their front-line, combat vehicles.

TITAN™ Fuel Tanks utilize common sense design features, which simplify installation. They reuse most of the stock components, including the existing sending unit. The tank itself is nearly indestructible, but light enough to be hefted by one or two people. While a vehicle hoist and transmission jack are ideal, hand tools will get the job done.

5-Year Limited Warranty

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