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Most Advanced HID Lighting System Ever Designed

Flashtech Ballast

  • The Most Advanced Digital Ballast on the Market! Our Generation 5 processor was designed to be compatible with today’s newest vehicles. The GEN 5 ballast not only functions better, but is now approximately 25% smaller, thus allowing for easier install in tighter spaces! Install times are now ½ of other kits on the market

    FlashTech Bulbs

  • A wide range of bulb sizes and colors allow the end user to fit our HID kit to any vehicle on the market! The overall construction of the actual bulbs, as well as the base, has all been improved. Water proof wiring and grommets add to the quality of construction and ensure a retail ready product.
  • All single beam bulbs now come in a protective clear plastic casing to ensure everything works as it should


  • Slick, detailed, and informational our Flashtech box is a perfect compliment to our high end Hid lighting system. This highly constructed box, with magnetic closing flap, keeps all parts neatly inside allowing the customer to inspect everything without disturbing the package. Everything you expect out of a high end electronic product!
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