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2005-2010 FORD Superduty Death Wobble Cure Cam Caster Adjuster Kit [BDD1032100]

Our Price: $230.00

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Model: BDD1032100
Shipping Weight: 10lbs
Manufactured by: BD Diesel

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2005-2010 FORD Superduty Death Wobble Cure Cam Caster Adjuster Kit

Have trouble keeping your Ford truck driving straight?

Oversize tires, suspension lift kits or just levelling the truck is likely the cause!

Alterations like installation of a suspension lift or levelling kit can cause the steering pivot axis and tire position to swing rearward resulting in negative castor. This results in wandering, wobble, pulling and stiff steering. Even larger tires can exaggerate the problem and require more positive castor adjustment than the stock truck is capable of.

Caster is the angle to which the steering pivot axis is tilted forward or rearward from vertical, as viewed from the side. If the pivot axis is tilted backward (that is, the top pivot is positioned farther rearward than the bottom pivot) then the caster is positive; if it's tilted forward then the caster is negative. Conventional steering systems are designed with a positive caster angle to achieve good self-centering of the wheels while driving.

By installing BD's Cam Caster Adjustor Kit on the radius control arms of the Ford 2005-2010 Super Duty pick-ups (Diesel or gas), correcting the caster to a more positive angle is made easier.

The Cam Caster Adjustor kit will help prevent a number of potential steering problems and have your rig driving straight again!

Reduces tire cupping and helps steering wheel return to center!

Applications: Gas & Diesel Ford 2005-2010 Super Duty F250/F350/F450/F550

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