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BD-Power P7100 Fuel Stop Plate [BDD104019X]

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Model: BDD104019X
Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Manufactured by: BD Diesel

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Application: 94-98 Dodge 5.9L Cummins

Looking for Big Daddy radical Power? You found it! At least 20 engineers were involved in designing the Fuel Stop Plate and Governor controls. The fuel stop plate controls the fuel quantity of the Bosch P7100 fuel pump that is the heart of the Cummins engine performance. The Governor controls the engine response to load and the maximum engine rpm

It only took 1 engineer to reverse design the BD Fuel Stop Plate. BD offers 6 different ramp designs of the Fuel Stop Plate that result in 30 to 150 hp and 70 to 300 lbs of torque increase and a calibrated boost tube orifice improves your turbo performance.

The Governor kit (new)opens up the engine rpm. Power will control the maximum rpm attainable. If you have power we can reach 3800 rpm. This is not an easy install; you may want to just order an exchange pump after you have determined this is beyond your eyesight and steady hand.

BD suggests a 14 cm turbine housing if you are going beyond the 250-hp level. The increased exhaust flow requires a larger turbine housing and should have a larger exhaust system for peak performance.

We recommend this kit be installed by one of BD’s dealers. It requires opening up the fuel pump and precise setting of the plate to insure the proper adjustment to prevent over fueling and damage to the engine.

Emission testing and certification that meets with California Air Resource Board is constantly being worked on. We do offer products that have CARB certification and others that are for RACE only. Please advise us of your needs.

Fuel Stop Plate Chart

BD-Power P7100 Fuel Stop Plate [BDD104019X]

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