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Boost 0-60 PSI ISSPRO Enhanced Visibility Black/Black [ISSR5623R]

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Model: ISSR5623R
Shipping Weight: 1lbs
Manufactured by: ISSPRO

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ISSPRO Enhanced Visibility Gauges

As a long term industry leader, ISSPRO, INC. has created three exciting new gauge lines featuring EV (Enhanced Visibility) technology; two for automotive use, the other for the marine industry. Convex domed glass lens, dished face dial, very low profile bezel and clean graphics combine to create a “larger than life” gauge, tachometer, speedometer or pyrometer. With thru-dial lighting, illuminated pointer and premium materials and construction throughout, these state-of-the-art instruments are designed to withstand extremes in vibration, temperature and humidity and are frontally sealed.

EV instruments have the following standard features:

  • Black dished face dial, white backlit numerals, illuminated white (or red/org.) pointer and black brass low-profile bezel on Automotive series.
  • White dished face dial, green backlit numerals, illuminated red/org. pointer and black brass low-profile bezel on their latest series of Automotive gauges.
  • White dished face dial, blue backlit numerals, illuminated blue pointer and chromed brass low-profile bezel on Marine series.
  • Convex scratch-resistant glass lenses. Exception: domed polycarbonate crystal lenses on trip odometer speedometers and memory and internal shift-lite tachometers.
  • Anti-fog solution applied to inside of glass lenses.
  • All instruments frontally sealed.
  • All outer plastic parts are UV stabilized.
  • Glass filled white polyester case resists corrosion and vibration, augments lighting designed for superior night time viewing.
  • All electrical Gauges feature air core movements (except ammeters).
  • The mechanical pressure and temperature Gauges, as well as the pitot speedometer, feature a phosphor bronze bourdon tube linked to a gear and pinion arrangement for accurate indication.
  • Most Gauges are for 12 VDC NG operation. Some 24 VDC NG versions also offered.
  • All electronic tachometers and speedometers will work for both 12 and 24 VDC NG applications.
  • All programmable tachometers and speedometers are microprocessor based.
  • Mounting hardware and light kit with 12 or 24 VDC wedge base light included.
  • Knurled mounting nuts for easy installation.
  • Brass case bolts for corrosion-free mounting.
  • Powder-coated metal clamps prevent loosening due to aging.
  • 270° sweep Gauges need amplifier and sender (calibrated set).

    Electrical Gauges are designed with a silicone dampened air core movement. A coil of wire is wound around a bobbin with a center magnet. When an electrical current is applied to the coil, the gauge pointer moves to the proper reading. Wire, electrical terminals and 12 VDC from the vehicle are required for installation. 270° sweep electrical Gauges include amplifier and sender; this matched calibrated set is required for operation.

    Mechanical Gauges sense pressure or temperature through tubing that transmits the pressure, vacuum or temperature. Electricity required for operation is for night lighting only. Senders are not needed for mechanical Gauges. All mechanical Gauges have 270° sweep.

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