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High Quality 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke Diesel Onyx Head Gaskets (Set)

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Model: 6.4ONYXHG
Shipping Weight: 10lbs
Manufactured by: Hawk Performance

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6.4L Ford Powerstroke Black Onyx MLS Cylinder Head Gasket Set

  • Identical to a ford gasket with MLS (Molybdenum-Lanthanumoxide Stress-Free Annealed) construction but utilize a better sealant over the entire deck surface.
  • Used for all of our stud jobs.
  • MLS is a Mo-material doped with 0.7 weight% of La2O3 and is available as sheet material in a stress-free relieved condition. The recrystallization leads to a fine-grained structure which is very stable for operational temperatures up to 1400°C. It provides better ductility and suitability for high temperature applications better form durability (higher creep resistance) at temperatures up to 1400°C

    1 Pair

    Head Studs are NOT included but are highly recommended (ARP Head-Studs Part number 250-4203).


    Clevite Engine Parts Tech Bulletin
    “Surface Finish Specifications for Victor Reinz gaskets.”

    Cast iron block and cast iron head using VR2000 or Nitroseal should have an acceptable finish of RA 60*-120 with a desirable finish of RA 80.

    Aluminum head with a cast iron block using VR2000 or Nitroseal should have an acceptable finish of RA 20*-60 with a desirable finish of RA 30.

    Aluminum or cast iron block or head using the MLS gasket should have an acceptable finish of RA 20-60 with a desirable finish of RA 30.

    *Victor Reinz does not recommend a finish smoother than minimum figures with composite and solid core gaskets as it could result in a failure.

    Desirable Flatness: .002” in 6”
    Max Waviness: keep below 200 RA

    Note: Victor Reinz gaskets will seal a wide range of surface finishes depending on the condition of a number of surface variables. Adhering to the above recommendations will insure the rebuilder an extremely reliable gasket sealing-surface. The acceptable range indicates the min-max numbers for the surface, while the desirable finish number can be considered a target to shoot for during the machining process. Other things beside surface finish affect gasket sealing. Fastener quality and condition, condition of the threaded hole in the block, tightening procedure and specifications, proper lubrication of the fastener and proper measuring tools all play a part on the ultimate success or failure of the gasketed joint!

    Victor Reinz recommends following the manufacturer’s recommended cylinder head installation procedure.

    A surface finish that exceeds maximum specifications creates microscopic “peaks and valleys” in the mating hardware. When these “peaks and valleys” exceed specifications, the gasket is unable to conform to the irregular shape even with proper bolt torque or clamp load. These “peaks and valleys” can create leak paths for both fluids and combustion gases. This happens because the gasket is not supported adequately by the “rough and wide surface finish”.

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    MAHLE Clevite Inc.
    Gaskets (Team Coordinator II)

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